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Powerful, Secure Antispam Mail Server
Effective out-of-the-box 97% spam protection is achieved with Smarter Mail’s structured, multi-layer spam prevention strategy. The antispam server technologies allow for customized levels of protection and flexible configurations using a variety of methods, including greylisting, SPF, DomainKeys/DKIM, Bayesian filtering, reverse DNS, RBL, blacklist/whitelist, SMTP blocking, custom headers, and per-user spam weighting.

“Our support is way down—a lot. Really, it's down a full third and it's because of Commtouch. And it's all channels...across the board: tickets, calls, chats. All are down more than 30%.”

Pattern Matching Engine

SmarterMail incorporates the SpamAssassin-based Pattern Matching Engine as part of its multi-layered spam protection strategy. Based on SpamAssassin technology, this powerful pattern matching engine can process substantially higher volumes of email per day without the cost of addtional hardware.

Third-party Spam Filtering
SmarterMail also integrates with most leading third-party antispam solutions, including Barracuda Spam Firewall, Declude, and Trend Micro.


Boost Spam Protection
to 99.5%

Extend the antispam server measures with the Commtouch Premium Antispam add-on. When combined with SmarterMail’s out-of-the-box spam protection, the Commtouch Premium Antispam add-on effectively blocks 99.5% of spam from users’ inboxes, regardless of the location, format, or language of the message. Rather than evaluating the content of messages, the Commtouch Premium Antispam add-on uses Recurrent Pattern Detection (RPD) technology to analyze large volumes of Internet traffic in real time, recognizing and protecting against new spam threats the moment they emerge.

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