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Mobile syncroniszing

Sync to Mobile Devices
It’s easy to communicate with employees, co-workers, customers, and partners from most smartphones, including Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, and Windows Mobile devices. SmarterMail supports synchronization of email and collaboration items via Exchange ActiveSync and SyncML, giving users over-the-air access to their communications on hundreds of compatible devices.

Easy-to-follow instructions
With the introduction of the synchronization center, Smarter Mail provides users an easy-to-understand method for syncing mobile devices and third-party email clients. Designed with usability in mind, the synchronization center lets users see the different types of devices that can sync with Smarter Mail, the available synchronization protocols, and which devices are currently set up to sync with the account.

Compatible with Android, Blackberry, iPhone and more
SmarterMail mail server provides out-of-the-box sync support for most mobile devices on the market, including BlackBerry; Google Android; iPad and iPhone; Motorola; Nokia; Palm Pre, Pixi, and Treo; and Windows Phones.

Exchange ActiveSync Mail Server for industry standard synchronization
Although SmarterMail includes synchronization capabilities out-of-the-box, the Exchange ActiveSync add-on is the only synchronization method that uses direct push technology to automatically provide users with over-the-air access to email and collaboration items. Syncing SmarterMail with most smartphones is quick, easy, and automatic with Exchange ActiveSync. Plus, the always-up-to-date feature of Exchange ActiveSync ensures changes to collaboration items are automatically recorded in both SmarterMail and the mobile device in real time.

Commtouch Premium Antispam Add-on

With recent reports that as much as 90% of email is spam, many companies want the best in antispam technology. Commtouch's ability to monitor new threats and outbreaks provides a significant advantage to SmarterMail users.
Rather than evaluating the content of messages, the Commtouch Detection Center analyzes large volumes of Internet traffic in real-time. The unique content-agnostic technology detects and blocks spam in any language and is highly effective against image-based spam. As a result, new spam outbreaks are identified as soon as they emerge, achieving upwards of 99.5% spam protection for SmarterMail users.
Purchase the Commtouch Premium Antispam add-on to extend SmarterMail's out-of-the-box spam protection and enjoy these key benefits:

  • High detection rate – Block more than 99% of spam threatening email users
  • Low false positives – Less than one message in 1.5 million messages are reported as false positives
  • Complete global solution – The Commtouch Premium Antispam add-on protects against all types of spam with any content, in any location, format, or language--including image-based and double-byte languages
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